SharePoint add item activity

Use the SharePoint add item activity to automatically add a document to a SharePoint library, to subfolders in a SharePoint library, or to the root of a SharePoint list.

Lists in SharePoint include communication lists, tracking lists, and custom lists. You can add documents to local and online SharePoint sites as needed.

If a document is checked out, use this activity to check in the document to SharePoint. You can also declare that a document is a record, which adds the document to the record center.

Note The options of checking in a document, declaring a document to be a record, and overwriting documents are only available for a local SharePoint site and not for an online SharePoint site.

Configure TotalAgility to retrieve the item identifier from SharePoint and add the identifier to a variable. When the job finishes, use the information from the variable to identify and select the item you need.

The SharePoint add Item activity differs from a SharePoint uploader activity as described in the table.

SharePoint add item

SharePoint uploader

Uploads a document to any of the following SharePoint locations:

  • Root of a list.

  • Any library in SharePoint.

  • Any subfolders available in a SharePoint library; uploads a document only to a document library in SharePoint.

Uploads a document only to a document library in SharePoint.

Supports item metadata.

Does not support item metadata.

See Configure a SharePoint add item activity.