Associate a persona with group members

You can assign or clear a persona with all members of a group, including subgroups, and quickly set the landing page for a group of people.

If a persona is associated with a resource, the corresponding landing page opens when the resource logs in to the system. See Personas.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Groups.

    The Individuals and groups page appears.

  2. On the context menu of the group whom to assign persona to, select Assign persona.

    The Assign persona dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the persona that must be associated with the members of the selected group and click Apply.

    All members of the group are updated with the selected persona.

  4. To clear a persona, on the context menu of the group, select Clear persona and click OK to confirm.

    The persona is cleared from all members of a group including the associated subgroups.