Data models

A data model is a user-defined data structure that represents a collection of data.

Data models simplify integration with REST APIs and reduce database storage space. A data model is used to group data together. The data held within the structure can be used in processes and forms using the data object variable.

You can define global and local data models.

A global model is available to all processes and forms but a local model is available only to the form or process it is defined for. A local data model is useful for one-off integrations when you do not have to reuse the data model.

You can also create a global or local data model using a sample JSON. On adding a JSON file, the JSON format is parsed and a tree structure is created. The field names in the data model match that of the JSON, and the field types are implied from the JSON sample. Any ambiguous field types are set to string You can edit the data model by changing field types or deleting the fields that you do not want. You can create a data model for simple JSON string, with strings having nested objects multiple objects, and with array of data,

See Examples of Data models using JSON sample.

Note You must have the required permissions to create and view data models. See Access control list for more information.

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