Web service activity

A Web service activity permits you to configure a call to a web service (SOAP or SOAP WCF).

A web service is typically used for integration, data manipulation and the rest, performed by services that reside on a remote server.

Web services come along with a Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). The WSDL describes all the metadata of a web service, such as methods and parameters. TotalAgility uses the WSDL to generate a client proxy that allows you to select classes and methods in the Web service activity.

TotalAgility interrogates the service and shows the available classes exposed by the service. On selection of the class, the methods and their parameter lists are displayed. You can map data to and from the service call back into variables defined within the process.

Web services can be added independently of the process maps in which they are consumed.

To use a Web service activity, you must first set up a web service reference.

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