Search for protected items

You can search for the protected items and view the associations for these items to identify all instances an item is being used.

Search for the protected items by the item name or by the following item types: Process, form, business rule, extraction group, classification group, folder, form template, and custom service.

You can protect the items when creating a package. When you import a package on a different system, you can search and view the list of protected items. The protected items are not available to view within the Designer; therefore, it is not possible to know if these items are in use within a process, form or business rule. For example, you may be prevented to delete an item that is in use within a process.

  • The search is based on the highest versions of the item. For example, if version 1 of TestProcess is protected but version 2 of TestProcess is not protected, the search result does not return TestProcess.

  • Associations are not available for extraction groups, classification groups, folders and form templates, but forms associated with these items are displayed.

You can also delete an item directly from TotalAgility. You can only delete a single item at a time; and cannot delete a protected item that is in use.