Data access activity

Use a Data access (DAS) activity to permit the process to interact with a database.

You can access tables, views and stored procedures, construct queries within the Designer, and map data from the process onto the query. You can also get, add, update, or delete database records from the process.

A DAS activity is typically used for direct integration with a third-party database without the need to write any code.

Note Data access activity does not support Always encrypted columns in SQL Server 2016 and above.
Important Before using the Data access activity, create a process variable to hold the database connection string (see Create process variables.) A database connection string helps you connect with the required relational database. The string contains details about how to connect to the selected database, such as a data source, the user ID and the login password.

For example, create a process variable, with the following settings:

  • ID = DBConnectionString

  • Type = String

  • Value = DSN=TotalAgility


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