Properties of an extraction group

Set the properties for an extraction group.

Use the following tabs to configure the properties of an extraction group.



Name for the extraction group, such as Accounting.

Note Alternatively, you can double-click the extraction group to modify the name.


Optional. Description for the extraction group, such as This extraction group contains documents related to accounting.


Category in which to place the extraction group.

Note By default, TotalAgility places the new extraction group in your working category.

Online learning


If selected, enables online learning.

Max new samples

The number of documents (default: 2000, minimum: 1, maximum: 20,000) that can be added to a extraction or classification training set to improve table or invoice data extraction.

This property is only available if Online learning is enabled.


If selected, automatically enables online learning for a document. TotalAgility monitors fields that automatically trigger online learning in a document.

  • If a validation user selects a recognition result that is different than the result chosen by the extraction process for a monitored field, online learning is automatically enabled for this document.

  • If the user replaces the value of such a field by typing new text, the recognition fails and online learning is not enabled automatically for the document.

Maintenance access

You can assign access permissions to an individual or a group to restrict or grant access to maintain an extraction group. When you import a process, form or a package, or upgrade TotalAgility from a previous version, the maintenance access for the extraction group is set to Everyone with Full control.

When you export a package which includes an extraction group, the access permissions are maintained.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Extraction groups.

    The Extraction groups page appears.

  2. Select the Extraction group for which to assign access permissions.

    The extraction group opens in a new browser tab.

  3. On the properties panel, click the Maintenance access tab and then click .
  4. On the Name list, select a group or individual whom to assign access permissions.
  5. Select an access Type. Available options are:



    Full control

    Users with this access type can create, modify and delete an extraction group, and also set and modify the access permissions for other users. By default, the Everyone group has Full control.

    Read write

    Users with this access type can modify and delete an extraction group, but cannot change the access permissions.


    Users with this access type can only view an extraction group; they cannot modify or delete the extraction group or set and change the access permissions for other users.

    Limited to online learning

    Users with this access type can open an extraction group in the Transformation Designer to update Extraction Online Learning. They can then import New Samples documents that are collected by the Online Learning system, retrain, and resolve conflicts. They can then release the updated extraction group. They cannot modify the design or settings for the extraction group.

    For more information on Extraction Online Learning, refer to the Help for the Transformation Designer.

  6. Click Add.
  7. Assign access permissions to other groups and individuals as needed.
  8. Save or release the extraction group.