The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is a standard that provides interoperability between ECM systems. CMIS is designed to be layered on top of existing Content Management systems and the related programmatic interfaces. CMIS defines a generic universal set of capabilities provided by a Content Management system and a set of services for working with those capabilities.

Different organizations use different Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to suit their requirements and budgets. Each ECM system has its own design and architecture, standards, and method of interacting with other systems. Therefore, it is often difficult to build a single tool that interacts with the various ECMs using a common interface.

Use the TotalAgility CMIS integration capabilities to integrate with any third-party document management product that supports CMIS standards, for example, SharePoint. This enables you to use a common interface to configure multiple CMIS-compliant systems and to manage different document management products from within TotalAgility.

Also, for TotalAgility to work with a CMIS-compliant site across domains, you must configure SSL.

TotalAgility provides various CMIS integration nodes. Using these nodes, you can:

  • Add (upload) a document to a CMIS-compliant site

  • Update the properties of a document on a CMIS-compliant site

  • Get a copy of a document/check out a document from a CMIS-compliant site

  • Search for a document on a CMIS-compliant site

  • Cancel the document check out from a CMIS-compliant site

  • Check in a document to a CMIS-compliant site

  • Create a folder on a CMIS-compliant site