Add preconditions

You can set preconditions for an activity that must be met before an activity can become pending or progress.

  1. Select the activity for which to set preconditions.
  2. In the Activity properties panel, click the Dependents tab.
  3. Under Preconditions provide a static or dynamic value.
    • To specify a static value so that an activity should become pending when three instances of the event called PROCESSEVENT1 have been raised, create a precondition, PROCESSEVENT1=3.

      • Use static values to create multiple conditions within a precondition. For example, ((EVT1 >=5) OR (EVT2 = 6 and EVT3 = 4))
      • You can reuse a precondition by pasting into another precondition.

      • You can use null check in condition text. For example, [nullstr] = null and [nulldate] =null. You cannot use Null or NULL.

    • To use a dynamic value, right-click on the rule editor and select a numeric variable (process or server), existing process event, or a document type.

      • If a numeric variable is used in the precondition such as PROCESSEVENT1=VAR1, the precondition will evaluate the number of times the event is fired based on the value of the variable. For example, if value of VAR1=5, the event will fire five times to fulfill the precondition.

      • If specific document types are used, the precondition only evaluates to true when the rules defined against the specified document types are met.

      • If the required variable is not available for preconditions, you can create a new variable directly from the activity properties panel. See Create a process variable while configuring activity properties.

  4. Click Validate to validate a precondition.
  5. Click Save.