Additional information about decrementing volume

This section gives you information on decrementing Imaging and Transformation volumes.

Imaging volume for core capture activities

The core capture activities can decrement the TotalAgility-Imaging volume (activation code 106). The imaging volume decrements only once per page.

The imaging volume decrements when you use the following activities or controls to create a page:

Note When you use the Scan create new job, MFP, Scan activity, Web capture control, Mobile capture control or File upload control to create pages, alerts related to user's volume levels are sent using the Imaging volume.

The imaging volume is also decremented in following scenarios:

  • When a page is processed by an Image processing activity.

  • When a page is created from a conversion process in image processing.

  • When you create a PDF from pages, for every page that contributed to the PDF.

  • When you separate and classify pages using a bar code or patch code separation profile, for every page that is contained in the resultant document.

  • When you use the bar code locator as part of an extraction activity.

Transformation volume for an automatic capture activity

An automatic capture activity in a process can decrement the Kofax TotalAgility - Transformation volume. The transformation volume decrements only once per page.

The transformation volume is decremented when a page is used for the following:

  • Classification or separation of a document by any methods configured in the Transformation Designer.

  • Extraction of data by any locator other than the bar code locator.

    Note If a bar code locator and additional locators are used on a page, the Transformation volume is decremented and imaging volume is not.

Volume for composite activities

A composite activity decrements volume based on the net effect of activities included.

When you include an activity in a composite activity that decrements imaging or transformation volume, the imaging or transformation volume is decremented for any pages that are not removed during the execution of the composite activity.

Imaging page volume when creating a page

When you create a page in Kofax TotalAgility, Imaging volume is decremented in following scenarios:

  • Ingesting pages through Kofax Import Connector, Kofax TotalAgility SDK, ScanClient Scan clients, MFP, and Web capture, File upload or Mobile capture controls.

  • Creating pages using document conversion functions. For example, converting a PDF or Microsoft Office document to pages using an Image processing activity.

  • Retaining the document using the CreateJobswithdocumentssync API.

  • Creating a copy of a page using the Kofax TotalAgility SDK.

Imaging volume is not decremented for the following:

  • Image processing

  • PDF generation (Imaging or Imaging and Transformation)

  • Bar code/Patch code/Fixed page separation

  • Transfer (Linked servers)

  • Export

  • Delete

Activities that do not decrement volume

The imaging or transformation volume is not decremented in following scenarios:

  • Viewing any file in any TotalAgility viewer user interface, irrespective of the format of the file being viewed.

  • Executing a field, folder, or document validation logic by a user action or by the SDK.

  • Viewing, moving or classifying pages in Validation, Verification and Document review.

  • Transferring pages between sites.

  • Deleting pages.

  • Exporting pages.

  • Copying a document, or pages.

  • Importing pages through the Kofax Import Connector in TotalAgility.

Volume for blank pages and separator sheets

Using the Kofax Import Connector import functionality, you can configure a process to remove blank pages and patch code separator sheets prior to decrementing image volume, so you are not charged for unused pages.

  • If the first activity after import is an Image processing activity that uses a Scan/VRS profile with blank page deletion is enabled, blank pages are removed and subsequent activities do not decrement volume for the deleted pages.

  • If the first activity after import uses a separation profile configured to delete separators (Fixed Sheet or Manual), separator pages are deleted and subsequent activities do not decrement volume for the deleted pages.

    Note The TotalAgility Transformation volume is NOT decremented if a document is classified by bar code or patch code separation.

  • If the first activity after import is a Composite activity (Image processing activity with a Scan/VRS profile with blank page deletion enabled and a Classification activity with a separation profile with delete separator pages enabled), blank pages and separators are deleted and subsequent activities do not decrement volume for the deleted pages.