Configure a ControlSuite activity

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Kofax > ControlSuite.
  4. On the ControlSuite server list, select the ControlSuite server that is set up in Integration.
  5. On the Input document/folder list, select a variable of document or folder type as an input to the activity. See Create a document variable and Create a folder variable.
    Note If you use a variable of folder type, the activity iterates through the folder to submit each document within the folder.
  6. To choose the source file type, select Specify file type.
  7. On the Source file type list, select the file type of the document to be sent to the ControlSuite server, such as BMP, PDF, TIFF, or PNG.
    • If you select None, the activity sends the generated PDF if it exists. If no 'generated PDF' exists and if the document contains an imported multipage format such as an imported PDF or doc type, then that is used.

    • If neither of these formats exist, and if the document is created by scanning, then the scanned pages are used.

    • If the file type you select does not match with the source document, the document is rejected.

  8. To submit the rejected documents for processing, select Submit rejected documents only.
    • When you use a folder in the activity and if some of the documents in the folder are not sent to ControlSuite server, then the rejected documents are marked with a rejection reason such as, Unable to submit to ControlSuite. The folder containing the documents is marked as containing rejected documents from an automated activity.

    • When you configure an activity with Submit rejected documents only, only those documents rejected with the reason Unable to submit to ControlSuite are submitted to the ControlSuite server. This allows you to resubmit only those documents that previously failed to be sent to the ControlSuite server. Documents rejected for any other reason will not be resubmitted. See Example ControlSuite activity.

    • If there are rejected documents due to any other rejection, then the activity skips the document and is not processed.

  9. Save the process map.
    Note When communication with ControlSuite server is unavailable at the start of the activity execution, the job is suspended and an error message is displayed.
  10. Configure other properties for this activity. See Activity properties.