Add a thread pool

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > System > Thread pools.

    The Thread pools dialog box is displayed.

    A default thread pool (Default Thread Pool) for non-capture automatic activities, and a default thread pool for capture activities (Transformation Server Thread Pool) is available in the list. You cannot modify the name or delete the default thread pools; however, you can change their other settings.

  2. Select the thread pool size for Process activities. (Default: 20)
  3. Click .

    The Add thread pool dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter a Name for the thread pool.
  5. Select the Type of thread pool. Available options are:
    • Automatic activity (default): Used in non-capture automatic activities.

    • Transformation server: Used in capture automatic activities.

    Note To set the thread pool size of a Job, see the Kofax TotalAgility Installation Guide.
  6. Select a Size (number of threads) for the thread pool. (Default: 16, Maximum: 64)
  7. Set the Urgency (default: 1) to prioritize automatic activities. For example, prioritize processing new customer loan applications, push loan forms of new customers through the system faster than those of existing customers by setting up a 'New Customer' thread pool. Only when all the execution threads in a thread pool are active do automatic activity requests appear in the thread pool queue (TPQ).

    Setting the urgency ensures greater throughput during periods of heavy load on the System.

    • When the number of entries in the TPQ is greater than the maximum threshold, the system inactivates thread pools with lower urgency; no further requests are executed on these lower-urgency threads. Activities with higher urgency execute first.

    • When the number of entries on TPQ is less than the minimum threshold, the system reactivates lower-urgency thread pools and restores the system to normal.

      Note The minimum urgency value is 1 and the maximum urgency value is 32767. Higher values indicate more urgency.

  8. To set the minimum threshold, set a value between 1 and 32767 for Min threshold.
  9. To set the number of activities that a thread pool queue can contain before it starts taking priority over thread pools with lower urgency settings, set a value for Max threshold.
    • If both minimum and maximum threshold settings are set to 0, the thread pool cannot suspend thread pools of lower urgency but can be suspended by thread pools of a higher urgency.
    • The Size, Urgency, Min Threshold and Max Threshold properties do not apply to Transformation Server thread pools.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click Save.

    Restart the Kofax TotalAgility services for the new thread pool to take effect.