The TotalAgility Designer is a comprehensive design environment providing an easy to use, visually appealing user interface to create capture-enabled business process management solutions.

It can integrate all the people, processes and systems that allow a business to respond to a dynamic marketplace by facilitating the automation of business processes. It enables the following:

  • Improved efficiency: Business process automation results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps. This focus on business processes leads to streamlining and simplification.

  • Rapid deployment: Capture-enabled and non-capture business processes can be rapidly built and deployed across a company utilizing existing I.T. investments, thus maximizing resource productivity.

  • Better process control and cost reduction: Improved management of business processes is achieved through standardizing work methods and monitoring resource utilization.

  • Improved customer service: Enforced consistency leads to increased standardization and a faster response time to customers.

  • Flexibility: Business requirements change as the organization and markets change. TotalAgility Designer provides a graphical business process design tool in which business processes and resources are defined and can easily be changed.

  • Seamless Integration with third party applications: Seamless integration of TotalAgility Designer with various applications allows you perform various tasks directly from TotalAgility Designer. For example, integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Micro Focus Content Manager help you efficiently manage your documents and records; integration with Microsoft Exchange enables you to handle various tasks/jobs directly from your Inbox, without having to separately access any other application; integration with RPA helps you execute a RPA robot from within a process or a form, and integration with OAuth 2.0 servers helps you get authorizations to interact with various Restful web services.

  • Error management: Automated event management capabilities ensure that the right persons or processes address potential issues before they become costly problems.

  • Rapid creation of forms: Create workflow forms to connect people and applications to business processes, without the need for extensive programming.

  • Ease of use: No coding is required to bind data to forms or forms to processes. You can drag controls to standard forms and bind process or activity data to the selected controls using a data access wizard.