Build a Scan create new job form

A Scan create new job form creates the job and also enables documents to be scanned and associated with the job.

The process initialization variables associated with the process appear as corresponding controls on the generated form. You can open and customize the form in the Design view.

Note When using the Scan create new job form, you must install the Kofax Web capture service.

When configuring the ScanControl on a Scan form or Scan create new job form, the following drill-down properties are available by default. Use these properties to seed a scanner endorser or imprinter with initial values when scanning starts, and retrieve the value when scanning is complete. See the following table for some properties.

Name Type


A parameter whose value is applied to scanner driver before scanning is started. The value is automatically refreshed after scanning is finished and represents “next” image address value.

The value is not defined if it is retrieved before scanning happened.


A read-only property that contains currently configured image address template string. The value of this property is retrieved each time the scanner settings or driver is changed, and after scanning is finished. If the image address is not enabled or not available, the string is empty.


A read-only property that contains the host name of the scanning machine. This property returns the value passed to the onScanReady event by Web Capture Service.


Scanner format. Valid values range from 0 to 2.

Value TWAIN Driver VRS Driver

0 or " " (empty string)

Default value.

Scanner prints single line defined by the ImprinterString property.

Default value.

Scanner prints single line defined by the ImprinterString property.


Scanner prints multiple lines defined by the ImprinterString property.

Not applicable. Works as format '0'.


Scanner prints a string composed according to the scheme {String}{Index}{Suffix}

Scanner prints a string composed according to the scheme {String}{Index}


A string value that forms all or just prefix of resulted printed value depending on the format.


Automatic index that increments by scanner after each scanned page.

This is dependent on the ImprinterFormat used. Also retrieves the final imprinter string used.

Use this property to seed start index value before scan and to read its last value after the scan is complete.

ScanControl. ImprinterIndexStep

Increment between index values. Support depends on the scanner.


Maximum allowed digits in index value.


A suffix string that is appended to resulted printed value.


The amount of in-place character rotation. The rotation is in degrees, and moves clockwise. TWAIN specification supports values from 0 to 359 although most scanner manufacturers have limited the accepted values to 0, 90, 180 and 270. VRS Elite supports 0, 90, 180 and 270.


Vertical offset in the specified units.


Units of measure when specifying the vertical offset.

  • 0=inches

  • 1=centimeters

  • 2=picas

  • 3=points

  • 4=twips

  • 5=pixels

  • 6=millimeters


Font style for TWAIN scanning defined by a numeric value combined of the following bit field combination:

  • 1=normal

  • 2=bold

  • 4=italics

  • 8=large size

  • 16=small size

For example, if the TWAIN scanner supports a font size composed of bold and large size, then the numeric value in this case would be 10 (2 + 8).

Note VRS Elite does not support this parameter, instead the font size can be specified in the driver settings and saved to a VRS profile.

Important Before you generate a Scan create new job form, ensure the following for the process on which the form is being generated:
  • It has a different name than the document type or folder used.
  • It is not protected.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the Generate list, select Scan create new job form.

    Alternatively, select Generate scan CNJ form on the context menu of the process for which you want to build the form.

    The Scan create new job form dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Process list, select the process.
    Note Ensure the following for the process:
    • It is capture-enabled and contains a classification group. See the Capture properties of a process.

    • It has a different name than the document type or folder used.

    • It is not protected.

  4. By default, the form name appears in the Form name field as process name suffixed with Scan. For example, if the process name is LoanApproval, the form name appears as LoanApproval_Scan. However, you can change the name of the form.
  5. By default, the Category is the same category that the process belongs to. However, you can change the category of the form.
  6. By default, Update process with associated form is selected. This means when you add this process (on which the form is created) to a package, the associated Scan create new job form is automatically included in the package, if Include items associated with forms is selected during package creation. See Create a package.
  7. Click Generate and save to save the generated form.
    Alternatively, to release the form, click Generate and release.

The generated form has the following format: <ProcessName>_<form type>. For example, LoanApproval_Scan where LoanApproval is the process name and Scan is the form type.

You can only associate a process map with one form, you cannot create a form with a process map that uses another form.

Install the Web capture service

  1. When opening a scan-enabled form for the first time, a message appears prompting you to install the new Web Capture Service.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Select Save as to save a copy of the msi installer. The msi installer can be used for Enterprise central deployment scenarios.
  4. Refresh the page once installation completes.

    The View and change settings icon View Scan Settings on the Scan create new job form becomes available after the page is refreshed. The Kofax Web Capture Service icon in the System Tray icons indicates if the service is running.

    Note When installing through the browser, you must have administrative rights to complete the installation. You need to install the Web capture service only once, and web scanning is enabled across all supported browsers.

Edit a Scan create new job form

  1. Open the Scan create new job form in the Design view.
    The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel. Additionally, the Refresh interval and Override table auto-height settings are also available in the Behaviour group of the Settings tab.
  2. Make changes as needed.
    Note You can add controls to the initialization variables view (within the ScanControl).
  3. Save the form.

    Note At runtime, the latest released version of the form loads and all initialization variables are displayed on the Process tab of the Composite Capture control.