Regenerate a form

Edit a process map or a form and regenerate the form to include the changes.

For example, to add new security questions to a company's insurance claim business process, update the process map and regenerate the insurance claim form. The regenerated form includes the updates to the variables in the process map.

Regenerate a form to:

  • Create a new form without overwriting the existing form. This helps you to retain the original form for a specific version of the process map.
  • Overwrite an existing form. Retaining the existing form controls fetches the changes from the latest version of the process map.
  • Include the changes if you have added or removed initialization variables in the process map since it was first saved and released.
  • Include the changes if any input and output variables are added or deleted in the process map activities.
  • Retain the controls in the Create New Job and Take activity forms since they were originally generated. However, if any fields are removed they do not appear on the form.
  • Include any new fields, and exclude any fields that have been removed when you change an extraction group, folder or classification group.

For best practices on regenerating a form, see Form regeneration in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the context menu of the form to regenerate, click Regenerate.
    Kofax TotalAgility prompts you to create a new form or overwrite the existing form.
  3. Select either option:

    To create a new form

    1. Click Yes.

      The Create new form dialog box displays the new form Name and Category by default. The default form name format is the current form name appended with New and the category is the working category of the user. The original form remains unchanged.

    2. You can change the name and category, as needed.

    3. Click OK.

      The new form which is the copy of the latest version of the current form appears on the Forms list page.

    • The regenerated form includes the changes from the process map but it does not include the form controls added to the existing form.

    • Creating a new form updates the Take Activity form if there is a file associated with an activity in the latest version of the process map.

    To overwrite the existing form

    Click No.

    A new version of the same form is created.

    Note Overwriting the existing form may affect the running jobs that are using this version.

    The regenerated or overwritten form has all the form controls from the existing form and also integrates the changes from the process map.