Amount formatter

Use the Amount formatter to configure amount formats such as the decimal symbol or the currency character.

Note Amount formatter allows characters and interprets them as numbers. For example, interprets I as 1, S as 5, Z as 2 and O as 0 (zero).

  1. Navigate to Capture > Field formatters.

    The Field formatters page appears. The two formatters, Default Amount Formatter and Default Date Formatter appear by default.

  2. Click New.

    The New field formatter dialog box is displayed.

  3. By default, a new formatter is added to your working category. To select a different category for the new formatter, select the Category.
  4. On the Type list, select Amount.
  5. Configure the amount formatter settings.



    Analysis amount

    Allow negative amounts

    Allows negative amounts as valid input. (Default: Selected)

    Require decimal points

    Requires the input value to have a decimal point. (Default: Selected)

    Allow 3 decimal places (1.000 ->1.000.00)

    If selected, treats the input values ending in three decimal places as fractions instead of whole numbers. (Default: Clear)

    Allow empty field

    If selected, allows an empty field to be valid; otherwise, the empty fields are considered invalid. (Default: Clear)


    Allows you to add, modify or delete currency phrases.

    To add a currency, click , add the name for the currency, and click Add.

    A currency phrase appears on the document next to an amount.


    Decimal symbol

    Identifies the character to use as a decimal symbol. (Default: "<system default>"; the decimal symbol is determined by the operating system of the local computer.)

    No. of decimal places

    A value between 0 and 4 that defines the number of decimal places used. (Default: 2)

    Thousands separator

    If selected, large numbers can be formatted to have a thousand separator using a separator symbol. For example, 1000000 can be displayed as 1,000,000. (Default: Clear)

    Separator symbol

    Available symbols for thousand separator formatting include:

    • <System.Default>: The separator symbol is determined by the operating system of the local computer.

    • "," (Comma)

    • "." (Full stop)

    When you apply this formatter to a document or folder field, the value is displayed with the selected formatting applied.

  6. To test the amount formatter, enter a sample text in the Sample input text box and click Test.

    The output appears in the Formatted text field. For example, if No. of Decimal Places = 3 and Currency = EUR, and Sample input text = 28678, the Formatted text appears as "28678.000 Eur".

    Note If TotalAgility cannot format the sample text, for example, if the sample input text is incorrect, a message appears.
  7. Click Save.