Maintain an individual resource

You can modify and delete an individual resource.

To maintain an individual resource, navigate to Resources > Individuals. The resources list appears.

For more information on individual resource, see Individuals.

Modify an individual resource

  1. On the resources list, find the resource to modify.
    1. Select All on the Category list or select the category to which the resource belongs.

      Resources are listed along with their email addresses. You can sort the resources by name or email.

    2. Locate the resource in the list by name or email address.

      Alternatively, to further filter down the list, enter the name of the resource in the Search box and click .

  2. Select the resource to modify.
    The Edit individual dialog box is displayed.
  3. Make the changes as needed.
  4. Click Save.

Delete an individual resource

  1. On the resources list, locate the resource to delete.
  2. On the context menu of the resource to delete, click Delete.

    On confirmation, the selected resource is deleted.