Additional information about folder and document separation

  • Bar codes are searched for in all directions - 0, 90, 180, 270 plus skew correction.

  • When multiple bar codes match the same separation criteria, the first bar code found is used for separation. The bar codes are sorted left-to-right top-to-bottom on the page.

  • When a patch code and a bar code match the same separation criteria, bar code results are used first, then patch code results. You can also use both bar code and patch code on the same page. For example, use the bar code to set the document type or folder name (as configured) and patch code to delete the separator page.

  • When configured to create a single document then separation is ignored when scanning into a document; otherwise, the new documents and folders are added as children of the document’s parent folder.

  • A new folder is created and a new document inside the folder is automatically created when a folder separator followed by a “normal” sheet is encountered. The new document contains the folder separator and the “normal” sheet.

  • When a sheet is both a folder separator and a document separator, a new folder is created based on the folder separator and a new document is created from the document separator.

  • When the last sheet scanned is a folder separator, a new folder is created with a new document that contains the folder separator.