Capture groups

TotalAgility provides synchronous classification and extraction capabilities that reduce response time and improve performance by storing and processing documents data in memory. A user has the option to persist this data into the document repository after classification and extraction.

TotalAgility supports real time transformation and optimizes performance by:

  • Supporting a configuration mode in the Transformation Server that does not poll for pending capture activities and is only used for synchronous processing.

  • Allowing the Transformation Server to preload specific Transformation projects.

  • Bypassing folder and document structure validation rules.

To use real time transformation, you must select the Real Time Transformation Service mode during the TotalAgility installation.

In the TotalAgility Designer, preload specific Transformation projects.

See Configure the capture groups.

The Real Time Transformation Service is supported by two TotalAgility SDK APIs: CreateJobSyncWithDocuments and CreateJobSyncWithDocument. Refer to the SDK documentation for more information on these APIs.

When using TotalAgility for real time transformation, you must do the following:

  1. Set up a separate set of dedicated WebApplication servers for processing. These servers are only used for real time transformation and can point to an existing TotalAgility deployment database as illustrated in the following figure.

  2. Install a separate load balancer to route requests to dedicated synchronous processing TotalAgility WebApplication servers.

  3. Install a Transformation Server instance on each TotalAgility application server used for real time transformation synchronous processing.

    Note All requests for CreateJobSyncWithDocuments will call the Transformation Server residing on the TotalAgility Application server (the localhost).

  4. Optional. To modify the default port for the Transformation Server, do the following:
    1. Configure the port for the service in the Transformation Server app config file as:

      <add baseAddress="net.tcp://localhost:9001/TransformationServerExternalService"/>

    2. Specify the same port in the TotalAgility Web server Web.config as:

      <add key="TSExternalServicePortForSyncProcessing" value="9001"/>