Define action menus for a touch-enhanced form

Define action menus on a touch-enhanced Phone or Tablet form to display a list of options.

For example, for a row-selected event on a data table, select an action menu that displays a list of options such as, Edit, Delete, or Cancel.

  • Selecting Edit redirects you to a page with all the row details. You can make changes, if needed.

  • Selecting Delete removes the selected row and closes the action menu.

  • Selecting Cancel, closes the action menu.

  1. Open a touch-enhanced Phone or Tablet form.
  2. In the properties panel of the form, click Initialization and events tab.
  3. Click for Action menus.

    The New action menu dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter a Name for the menu.
  5. To allow the menu to close when you tap outside of the menu, select Hide on tap. (Default: Clear)
  6. Specify the Menu item height. (Default: 25 pixels; Maximum: 100 pixels)
  7. To configure the menu items, click for Menu items and do the following:
    1. Enter a Name for the menu item.
    2. Use the following table as a guide to select a Style from the list:
      Style Display

      Gray button


      Back button


      Forward button


      Round button


      Dark Blue button


      Red button


      Green button

    3. To associate a confirmation message with the menu item, select Confirmation message, and select the form control or form/global variable to associate or click to enter the text.

      At runtime, on clicking the button, the confirmation text appears. You can choose to perform the action associated with the button or decline.

    4. To select the actions to add to the menu items group, click Add for Actions.

      The Add form action dialog box is displayed.

    5. Select the actions to add.

      To add all actions, click Add all. To remove a selected action, click for the action. To remove all selected actions, click Remove all.

    6. Click Done.

      The selected actions appear in the Actions box under Menu items.

      Use  to change the order of actions.

    7. Click Add.

      The item is listed under Menu items in the New action menu dialog box.

  8. Click Add.