Capture operations

You can assign access permissions to resources and groups to permit or restrict access to each capture action within a capture composite control.

The following table describes the purpose of each capture action.

Action Purpose


Reject documents

Rejects the documents if the fields are not valid. For example, if the image is smudged and illegible or the value on the image is not valid.

Delete documents

Deletes a document, that was scanned in error, is no longer required, or is a duplicate.

Change document type

Changes the type of document.

Note Since masking of field group and activity variant is based on document type, changing it results in loss of masking based on some of the fields. Changing the document type back to the original does not restore the masking, as field data and associated words are lost when the document type is changed. Also, trying to link fields to words is not possible as the fields that specify masking are hidden. Masking on the image does not clear immediately since the page is not dynamically updated and the masks are removed the next time the image is retrieved in either the current or next activity.

Split documents

Moves a variable number of pages from an existing document into a new document. When documents are scanned using duplex mode, TotalAgility tries to keep the front and back image of a single paper together.

You should have permission to split a document; otherwise, it will prevent from splitting the front or back pages of the document.

Split on back page

Separates the back page of a duplex page pair and place it in a new document. Once split, both the front and back page of a duplex page pair appear as a normal simplex page.

You should have permission to split a document on back page otherwise it will prevent from splitting of the back pages.

Merge documents

Merges two or more different documents.

Note When you upgrade TotalAgility, the Merge documents permission is only enabled if the All other batch-editing operations permission is selected.


Reject pages

Rejects the pages of a document.

Delete pages

Deletes a page, that was scanned in error, is no longer required, or is a duplicate.

Rotate pages

Permanently rotates the pages of a document.


Add folder

Add folders.

Delete folders

Delete a folder that is no longer required, or is a duplicate.



Maintains document annotations.

Online learning

Selects the documents for online learning.

Note The Online learning is a mechanism to better find and extract content on a page of a document. Dynamically trained content is added to a dynamic knowledge base, until it is finally reviewed and published to a published (static) knowledge base. The Online Learning option only applies to a Validation activity.

Override problems

Overrides a field, if it cannot be corrected or correcting it can be time consuming.

All other batch editing operations

Performs general functions such as moving pages, documents and folders.

Web capture mask and redact

Grants a resource or a member of a resource group the ability to mask in the Web capture control.

Note The Administrators group has the mask image rights by default.

SDK only

Create documents and pages

Creates and copies documents and pages using the CaptureDocumentService SDK.

Modify/Read document

Modifies and adds documents, pages, updates fields for folder or document using the CaptureDocumentService SDK. Also, allows SDK users to read capture data, such as retrieving documents, document fields and images.

Confirm fields

Performs validation, and changes the document or folder field status using the CaptureDocumentService SDK.

Mask and redact images

Masks images using the following CaptureDocumentService SDK.

Available mask related CaptureDocumentService SDK methods include:

  • AddPageMaskForField: Adds mask to a page for word associated to specified field.

  • AddPageMaskForRegion: Adds mask to a page to specified rectangular area. All the obscured words are removed from the page.

  • GetAllMaskedWords: Returns all words masked in a page

  • GetAllPageMasks: Returns all explicit mask associated with a page.

  • RemoveAllMasks: Removes all masks for a specified page.

  • RemovePageMasks: Removes masks that intersect the specified rectangular area.