Manage a persona

Define persona and associate it with a landing page.

If a persona is associated with a resource, the corresponding landing page opens when the resource logs in to the system. You can also modify and delete a persona. You must have appropriate permissions to view, create and modify personas. See Access control list.

To manage a persona, navigate to Resources > Personas. The Personas page appears.

Create a persona

  1. On the Persona page, click New.

    The New persona dialog box is displayed.

  2. Configure the properties of persona.


    A category for the new persona. (Default: User's working category)


    A name for the persona, such as Resource Manager. The name must be unique across all categories.


    Optional. A description for the persona.


    The target landing page relevant to persona. Select either option:

    • Form: Select a form and specify values for the parameters.

      Note Initialization parameters are only displayed if created for the form.

    • URL: Specify the URL to the target page and define the initialization variables.

      1. Enter a name for the initialization variable.

      2. In the Value field, provide a static value.

      3. Click Add.

      4. Add more initialization variables as needed.

  3. Click Save.

Modify a persona

If you only have read-only permissions, you can only view the properties of a persona, but cannot change them.

  1. On the Persona list, click the persona to modify.

    The Edit persona dialog box is displayed.

  2. Make changes as needed.
  3. Save the persona.

Delete a persona

In the Persona list, on the context menu of the persona to delete, click Delete.

On confirmation, the selected persona is deleted.

Note An unexpected behavior can occur if the persona is in use.