Link TotalAgility to Micro Focus Content Manager system

  1. Navigate to Integration > Micro Focus Content Manager.

    The Micro Focus Content Manager page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New Content Manager site configuration dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter an ID for the Micro Focus Content Manager system. The system identifies the Content Manager system with this ID.
    Note You cannot edit the ID once the configuration is saved.
  4. Enter a Display name to help you identify the Content Manager system with which to communicate. For example, the name, London Server indicates that this link connects to the Content Manager system on the London Server.
  5. In the Web Service URL field, enter the location of the TotalAgility web service that is installed on the Micro Focus Content Manager system. For example, http://TRIMSystem/TRIMIntegrationWS/TRIMIntegrationWs.asmx.

    The TotalAgility web service installed on the Content Manager system helps TotalAgility communicate with Micro Focus Content Manager.

    Note If the Allow all system setting is not enabled, you can only provide a whitelisted Web Service URL; otherwise, a message appears stating the connection is denied because the URL connection string is not whitelisted.
  6. In the Fileplan shortcut field, enter the shortcut to the file plan location in the Content Manager system in which to add folders and files. For example, Accommodation - Domestic - General.
  7. Enter the Dataset identifier, such as 45, of the Content Manager system data set to use.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Configure any events to be performed in TotalAgility. See Configure the TotalAgility actions resulting from the Micro Focus Content Manager events.