Export a form

You can only export forms that are released.

  1. Navigate to Export.
  2. On the Export list, select Form.
  3. Click Add for Files to export.

    The Add files to export dialog box is displayed.

  4. Add forms as needed.

    To add all forms, click Add all.

  5. Click Done.
    The selected items appear under Files to export box.
  6. Include the following items to export, as needed.

    Header form

    If selected, exports the header form if any.


    If selected, exports the associated navigation if any.

    Global variables

    By default, exports the global variables associated with the form.

    Business rules

    If selected, exports the business rules used in the form.

    Security tokens/ Security roles/ Role members

    Exports the security tokens associated with the form control. Ensure that Security tokens is selected in the general properties of the form.

    Note The Security roles option is only enabled if you select Security tokens. The Role members option is only enabled if you select Security roles.

    Note The following items, when used in a form are automatically exported:
    • Custom services
    • Data models
  7. Click Export.
    On export, the exported files are saved as ZIP. A message prompts you to confirm if you want to download the ZIP.
  8. Click Yes to download the ZIP.