Configuration of a Resource tree control

Configure the Resource tree control.

Name Description

Show icons

Allows the display of icons beside the resource type to indicate whether the resource is an individual, group, or role.

Show categories

Allows the display of resources within categories.

Include all category

Allows the display of the All option for categories.

Note The system displays this category only if the Show categories option is selected.


The category to display within the Resource tree control at runtime.

Show groups

Allows the display of groups.

Show workers

Allows the display of individual resources.

Resource type

Allows the display of resources depending on type. Available options are:


Displays all resources.

Supervisors only

Allows the display of only supervisors.

Supervisor level: The level of supervisor. For example, if the supervisor level is 3, only resources with supervisor level 3 will appear.

Subordinates only

Allows the display of subordinates for a resource.

  • Include user: Includes the currently logged on user.
  • Subordinate type: Displays subordinate resources with the selected type.
    • Direct: Displays resources who report directly to a resource.
    • Direct and Indirect: Displays resources who report directly and indirectly to a resource.
  • Supervisor: By default, the currently logged-on user is referenced as the supervisor. To select a different resource, select Specific and then select the resource.

Show external users

If selected, allows the display of external users.

Show roles

If selected, allows the display of roles.


The process to display the associated resources.

Show role members

If selected, allows the display of role members.

Allow selection of resources at runtime.

Name Description


Allows the selection of groups at runtime.


Allows the selection of individual resources at runtime.

External users

Allows the selection of external users at runtime.


Allows the selection of roles at runtime.

Role members

Allows the selection of role members at runtime.


If selected, allows the selection of categories at runtime.