Action Toolbar

The Action toolbar contains a set of commands to perform actions, such as zoom in, zoom out and undo and redo.

Zoom in and Zoom out
By default, the form is displayed 100%. You can use the following buttons to zoom in and out of a form.
  • : Zooms out of a form for a broader view.

  • : Zooms in on a form for a close-up view.

Undo and redo

You can undo/redo changes within a form using the Undo or Redo icons on the Action bar. You can undo/redo a maximum of 30 updates, such as typing or design changes. The undo/redo list is cleared when an update is made on any area outside the Design tab.

You can undo or redo the following changes in a form:

  • Form property changes

  • Control property changes

  • Canvas changes, such as adding controls, deleting controls, adding actions, and more