Create a folder variable

Use a folder variable where multiple document types are required, for example, bank application where multiple document types are required to process an application.

Using a Folder variable more than one document is added to the repository typically of different types.

Use folder variables to use folder instances in a TotalAgility process or business rule.

When you create a job on a process that uses a folder variable, the runtime instance ID of the folder is stored in the folder variable.

You can use a folder variable as a process initialization variable or activity input or output variable. You can also use folder fields directly as input or output parameters to an activity.

You can drill into the variable and see the data type of each field and property. To be able to see data types makes it easier to map the correct field or property.

  1. Open the process map in which to create the variable.
  2. On the process modeling bar, click Variables and click New.

    The New variable dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a unique Name for the variable.
    By default, the name of the variable becomes the ID of the variable; however, you can change the ID if needed.
  4. On the Type list, select Folder. (Default: String)
  5. Optional. To use the variable for process initialization, select Initialization.
    Important For a scan-enabled process map, you can set the variable for process initialization only when it has the root folder as its value. However, for a normal process map, the variable value can be a root folder or sub-folder.
  6. On the Value list, select a folder type.

    This is an XML document that contains a reference to the folder type. For example a "Customer Invoice" folder type variable can have a folder type of "Invoice"; at runtime it will contain the instance ID of the actual folder.

    For more information on using a folder variable, see Use document or folder variables.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.