Web services supported by TotalAgility

The three types of web service references are supported by the TotalAgility Designer.

SOAP Web Services

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is the standard XML format used to make remote procedure calls across the Internet.

WCF Web Services

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a framework for building service-oriented applications. Use WCF to send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another.

TotalAgility supports flexible WCF Web services (with .svc extensions). WCF service components can be invoked by any protocol such as HTTP and TCP. Traditional web services can be invoked only by the HTTP protocol. This allows flexibility and helps you align your processes with the current business trends.

RESTful Web Services

A RESTful web service (also called a RESTful web API) is a simple web service implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. It is a collection of resources that include:

  • The base URI for the web service, such as http://example.com/resources/

  • The Internet media type of the data supported by the web service. This is often JSON, XML or YAML, but can be any other valid Internet media type. TotalAgility supports only XML and JSON.

  • The set of operations supported by the web service using HTTP methods, for example, GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE.

Note To configure WCF to provide JSON endpoint, you should bind JSON endpoint to “webHttpBinding”. For example, in the web.config file, configure the following settings:
<service name="Agility.Sdk.Services.JobService" 
<endpoint address="json" bindingConfiguration="WebHttpBinding_Service" 
behaviorConfiguration="jsonBehavior" binding="webHttpBinding" 

To create an endpoint behavior to enable http based requests, create the following behavior and provide it with a name for reference:

        <behavior name="jsonBehavior">

You can access the service using the SVC URI such as http://localhost/service1.svc/json/{method}

The API must be hypertext-driven.

Note TotalAgility Designer only supports simple types of RESTful web services. Do not use RESTful web services with complex data structures.