Create a case fragment

Create a case fragment to use within a case.

  1. Open a case map.
  2. On the case modeling bar, click Fragments, and click New.
    The New case fragment Design view opens in a new tab.
  3. Add activities, decisions, end nodes, and others, similar to a case map. See Design a case.
  4. Configure the properties as needed. See Process properties.
  5. Save the case fragment.
  6. Release the map.
    The new case fragment is associated with the case. On the list of case definitions, expand the case to view the list of fragments associated with it. You can also view the case definitions listed on the Business processes list page.

Work with case fragments

You can open, modify, copy, delete, view versions, and unlock a case fragment. The procedure to perform these operations is similar to Cases. To open a case fragment for a case, expand the case. See Case definitions for more information.