Document conversion profiles

A Document conversion profile contains conversion settings for converting the incoming documents.

Create a document conversion profile by configuring the required conversion settings for specific type of incoming documents. The document conversion activity uses the document conversion profile for document conversion. You can create one document conversion profile and reuse the same in various process maps. Also, multiple document conversion profiles can be created to cater different incoming documents types.

Additionally, the Adobe PDF Library SDK smoothing and rendering flags are used for improving the JPEG quality of PDF to TIFF conversion. These flags eliminate the black lines introduced in certain PDF types during document conversion.

  • If you select Microsoft Office for document conversion in Message Connector, only one instance of conversion process can run on one system at a time.

  • For some PDF documents, when the expected output TIFF format is 200x200 DPI color or 200x200 DPI Grayscale, no combination of the flags can eliminate black lines.

  • For TIFF to PDF document conversion, use the PDF generation activity.

  • You cannot add a Document Conversion activity in a Composite activity.

  • Conversion of password protected PDF Portfolio and ZIP files is not supported.

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