SMTP server settings

See Import settings

The SMTP group displays the parameters related to incoming email communication through SMTP.

  1. In the New import connection dialog box, select Enable SMTP server.
  2. Enter the SMTP port number for incoming SMTP messages. (Default: 25)
  3. Enter the Local IP address of the local interface used for SMTP input. If this field is empty, all local interfaces are used. For Windows failover cluster deployments, use the IP address of the cluster.
  4. To configure when to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for outgoing email communication, select one of the following options for SSL active:
    • Always: SSL is always used for outgoing email communications.

    • Never: SSL is never used for outgoing email communications.

    • On request: SSL is used for outgoing email communications, if requested.

    SSL provides communication security over the internet.

  5. Specify theOwn computer name where message connector is installed for SMTP and web service connections.
    • When using SSL, remote server needs this parameter.

    • When multiple message connectors run in a cluster, this parameter must contain the name of the cluster rather than the names of individual computers.

  6. Click Save.