Create a local data model

You can define a Data model local to a process, rule or custom service.

See Data model.

  1. On the process for which to create a data model.
  2. On the process modeling bar, click Data model.

    The Data models page appears.

    The local data model inherits the process category.

  3. Click New.
    The Add Data model dialog box is displayed.
  4. Enter a Name for the data model.
  5. Provide a Description for the data model.
  6. Add fields to the data model.
    1. Click adjacent to the data model.

      By default, a new field, FIELD1 of type Text is added to the data model. You can change the field type name by double clicking the field.

    2. Provide a meaningful and unique Name for the field.
    3. In the Display name field, provide a name for the field to display at runtime.
    4. On the Type list, select a field type. The supported field types are: Text, Boolean, Date, Number, Object and List.

      You can add a child field of Column type under Object field type.

    5. The Default value is assigned when the data model gets created.

      Note The default value is only available for boolean, date, and number field types.

      Add more fields as required.

      To delete a field, click for the field to delete.

  7. Click Add.

    The data model is saved as part of the process definition.

    You can create a data model local to a business rule, case or custom service in a similar manner.