Configure a SharePoint move item activity

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Microsoft > SharePoint move item.
  4. Configure the following properties.
    SharePoint site

    The SharePoint site to retrieve the location of the SharePoint server and the TotalAgility Web Service URL.

    Select source

    The location from which to move the document.

    Document name

    The name of the document saved in the selected target. The name can be a dynamic variable (process or server) or a static value.

    Relative path

    The location of the document if it is saved in a library subfolder. The path can be a dynamic variable (process/server) or a static value.

    Unique identifier

    A unique identifier for the document. The identifier can be a dynamic variable (process or server) or a static value.

    Note The unique identifier takes precedence if you also specify the document name and relative path. The document name takes precedence if you specify only the document name and relative path.
    Select target

    The new location for the document being moved.

    Relative path

    The location to move a document to a library subfolder. The location can be a dynamic variable (process or server) or a static value.

    Check in

    If selected, checks in the document to SharePoint.

    Declare as record

    If selected, automatically moves the document to the Record Center in SharePoint.

    Once you declare that a document is a record, TotalAgility adds the document to the SharePoint Record Center.

    Note The Declare as record option is only available for a local SharePoint site.


    If selected, overwrites a file with the same name at the target location. However, if SharePoint versioning is enabled, TotalAgility creates a new version of the file instead of overwriting the existing file.


    Configure the metadata:

    1. Click Configure.

      The Metadata dialog box is displayed.
    2. On the Mapping column, map the metadata using dynamic variables or static values.

    3. Click OK.

  5. Click Save.

    If TotalAgility finds insufficient privileges, incorrect parameter values, or a mismatch between the selected location and the TotalAgility Web service, the item is not moved and the job is suspended. Error details appear in the event log.