Show navigation action

Use the Show navigation action to select the site navigation or select a menu for a touch-enhanced Phone or Tablet form.

  1. On the form modeling bar, click Actions and click New.

    The New action dialog box is displayed.

  2. On the Type list, select Show navigation.
  3. Change the default Name (ShowNavigationAction1) to something meaningful.
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the action.
  5. Optional. Select Multilingual to configure a unique action for each language separately. See Configure multilingual actions.
  6. For Navigation, select either of the following:
    • Default: By default, the site navigation is set to Site horizontal. This means, the system picks up only the horizontal navigation, if it is configured at the site level. To set the vertical navigation, select Site vertical.

    • Other: To select a custom navigation.

  7. On the Direction list, select the direction in which the menu appears. (Default: Left)

    Available options are: Left, Top, Right, and Bottom.

  8. Click Save.

    The newly created action is added to the table.

  9. Associate the action with the control to trigger this action. See Configure actions for form control events. Alternatively to call this action for a form event, associate the action with a touch-enabled Phone or Tablet form. See Associate an action with a form.

    When triggered, this action launches the navigation menu.

    Note When you call the Show navigation action for a Phone or a Tablet form, only the top-level menu items appear and the nested child menu items are ignored.