Properties of a Calendar control

Use the following tabs to configure the properties of a Calendar control.


Name Description


The type of the control.


A unique name for the calendar.


The supplementary information that displays on hovering the mouse over the calendar at runtime.


The state of the control. Available options are: Optional, Mandatory, and Hidden. (Default: Optional)


Allows the control to be enabled at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Read only

Makes the calendar read only. (Default: Clear)

Security token

Makes the form secure. See Security tokens.

Hint text

The text that hints the user to enter a value in the input field. The hint text appears before you enter a value. When you click in the field, the hint text disappears.

  • The hint text appears only if the control does not have a value, default value or focus.
  • If you import a form which was created before the 7.1.0 version of TotalAgility, the hint text appears empty. But if you import a form which was created in versions later than 7.1.0, the hint text property retains its value, if set.

Error message

An error message to display at runtime when a mandatory calendar field remains blank. For example, if the user did not enter the date of birth, set up a message that says, Enter your date of birth.

Min date

Max date

The maximum and minimum values that a user can enter for a date.

For example, if you only want students who are below a certain age to apply for an Online Certification exam, set a minimum date in the calendar for the Date of Birth field. When completing the form, the user can only submit the form if their age is within the limit set.

Allow nulls

If selected, allows a null date.

Value when empty

A default date to be used by a .Net Method, Web Service, or DB Query action at runtime if the calendar is left empty. By default, the calendar is empty.

Ignore server timezone conversion

  • If selected, and if client uses the calendar control in a server side form action, the date entered is sent to server instead of time zone converted date. If client wants to populate the calendar controls value using the server side form action, the date that client receives, is removed from the server’s time zone added to it.
  • If cleared, the calendar control applies time zone conversions from client to server.