Add comments against defined responses

At runtime, you can enter notes to specific responses in a checklist. Notes can help explain why it is useful to process the checklist further.

See Checklist items

This example illustrates how to add comments against defined responses in a checklist. If the proof of address is found to be invalid in a Passport Application Verification form, the reviewer can add a note to the checklist to say, "Proof of Address not valid".

  1. Take the activity.

    The Take activity page appears.

    Defined response

  2. Click Add Note next to the response for which to add a note.

    The Add Note page appears.

  3. Enter the note text, such as Proof of Address is not valid.
  4. Click Save.

    The Take activity page reappears and displays the Edit note button.

  5. Move the pointer over Edit note.

    The comment that was added earlier appears against the corresponding response.

    Defined response edit note

  6. To edit existing notes:
    1. Click Edit note.

      The Notes page appears.

    2. Edit the comment and click Save.