Add a decision

Configure a decision to specify decision rules.

  1. On the process map, select the node to add the decision.
  2. On the Satellite, select the Decision icon .
  3. Drag the icon to the location.
  4. Enter a Name for the decision.
  5. The string values within the rule condition are case-sensitive by default. Clear Case sensitive to disallow the string values to be case-sensitive.
  6. To add condition text, such as Credit Approved?=true, right-click the rule editor box and add metadata (process variable, server variable) for the condition; use the keyboard to add operands or keywords.
    • TotalAgility supports the following operands/keywords for decision:

      + - * / < > = >= <= <> AND OR != && || true false TRUE FALSE

    • When using a date variable as string in a decision node, the date must be in the ISO format {YYYY-MM-DD} enclosed in double quotation marks, such as "2016-04-25" or a valid date based on the locale of the server.
    • You can reuse the condition text by copying and pasting it in another decision node.
    • You can use "null" check in condition text. For example, [nullstr] = null and [nulldate] = null. You cannot use "Null" or "NULL".
  7. Click Validate to check if the condition is valid. A message indicates whether the syntax is valid.
  8. Close the message.
  9. On the True path list, select the activity to specify the path of execution if the rule condition evaluates to True.

    Note If the rule condition evaluates to False, the flow of the process map passes to the node not selected in the True path list.

  10. Configure other properties of the decision. See Properties of a decision.
  11. Save the map.