Process template

You can create and modify a process template.

Create a process template

  1. Open the relevant process.
  2. In the properties panel, click the General tab, and select Support skins.
  3. Create the process variables to create skin rules. See Create process variables. To specify values for rule variables while creating a job on the template, configure the rule variables as initialization variables.
  4. Release the process map.

Modify a process template

When you modify a process template, the changes are automatically applied to the skins created for the template.

Important When modifying a template, if you remove any variables that are used as rule variables in the skins and save the skin, an error message is displayed that the skin cannot be saved. If you choose not to support skins, then all the associated skins are deleted.
  1. Open the template.
  2. Modify the map, activities, and variables, as required.
  3. Release the process map.
    A new version of the process template is created.