Use a display rule to collapse or expand a cell

Use a display rule to collapse or expand a cell at runtime. For example, consider a form to capture employee personal information.

You can insert the controls for Name, Designation, Salary, Address for Correspondence, and Permanent Address. For example, you can set the Permanent address cell as collapsible / expanded and apply a condition in the display rule so that the Permanent Address cell is collapsible at runtime when the employee has a Permanent address different from the Address for correspondence.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. Click New.

    The Create new form dialog box is displayed.

  3. Design the form, as required. See Manually creating a form.
    A blank form with a single cell appears.
  4. To make the cell collapsible at runtime, configure the cell.
    1. Select the cell. By default, the General tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.
    2. Select Collapsible. See Properties of a cell.
  5. Use a Display rule action for the selected cell and configure the True outcome to collapse or expand a cell:
    1. In the Name list, select the Cell.

      The list of cells used in the form appears.

    2. Select the required cell that has to be collapsible at runtime.
    3. On the Display list, select Collapse.
    4. Click Add.

      The selected cell is added to the list.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Save and release the form.

    At runtime, the selected cell appears as collapsible.