Add a Mini-viewer

Display a mini-viewer for a capture field on a Document form to quickly view a portion of the image related to the field.

When you choose to show a mini-viewer for a capture field in a Document form, an additional control is added to the selected capture field.

Note The mini-viewer is not available for a capture Table control.

  1. Open the Document form for which to add the mini-viewer.
    All fields that are configured in the extraction group appear on the form.
  2. Select the capture field, such as Checkbox.
  3. In the properties panel, on the General tab, under Mini-Viewer, configure the following properties.


    If selected, displays the Mini-viewer control next to the field.


    The width of the Mini-viewer. (Default: 150px)


    The height of the Mini-viewer in pixels. (Default: 40px)


    The position of the Mini-viewer on the form. Available options are: Left, Right, Above and Below.

  4. To detach the Mini-viewer from its current position, do the following:
    1. Click the Detach Miniviewer link.
      The mini-viewer control appears under the associated field.
    2. To configure the separated mini-viewer:
      1. Select the Mini-viewer control.

        By default, the General tab is open in the properties panel.

      2. Change the default Name of the mini-viewer.
      3. Select the Security token.
      4. Click the Design tab and set the Width mode as Fixed or Percentage.
        Note When configuring the capture controls, the Fixed and Percentage mode can be overridden similar to non-capture controls.
      5. Set the Height and Margins for the control.
    3. Click Save.
      • When you upgrade a form, the Detach Miniviewer option is available for the form and does not impact the layout of the form
      • When configuring the Display rule action, the Mini-viewer control is also available.
  5. Save the form.

    The mini-viewer control appears on the form in the specified size and at the specified position.