Changing business conditions make it important to recognize trends and patterns in your business performance for proactive and informed decision-making.

Business events are key events that business users monitor and manage, such as case open, sale made, sale lost, and claim settled. A business uses events to monitor performance against targets. For example, you define a Sales event that records the name of the salesperson and the total sale amount. When the salesperson completes a sale, the system fires the event, which is in the sales processes.

Each salesperson in a team could have different quarterly targets. You can create a business target for each salesperson, based on the Sales event, and monitor the event every quarter. In the target value, enter an amount as the goal for the salesperson, and in the filter criteria, use their name. Repeat this for each salesperson to configure a business target for each one.

You can define business alerts to notify the system when the sum or occurrence of an event reaches a specific value. For example, for a Sales event, create an alert that runs when a salesperson reaches double their target. The alert can create a job to send a congratulatory email.

Kofax TotalAgility can monitor targets and automatically initiate business processes if thresholds are missed.

A process, form or a business rule can initiate these events.

You can associate the event with an activity, and also export and import business events, targets and alerts.

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