Create a process event

Create a process event to raise when activity becomes available or completes.

Raising a process event involves the following procedures:

  1. Creating a process event.

  2. Setting up preconditions for the activity within a process map. Once the precondition is set, the status of the activity becomes Awaiting Events and the activity can only become pending once the associated process event is executed and the precondition is satisfied.

  3. Recording process events.

Create a process event

  1. Open the process for which to define the process (wait) event.
  2. On the process modeling bar, click Process events.
  3. Click New.
    The New process event dialog box is displayed.
  4. Enter a unique Name for the event, such as SignedLoanAgreementReceived.
  5. Optional. Enter a Description for the event, such as Waiting for signed loan agreement from customer.
  6. Click Add.
    The process event is created.
    Note For a capture-enabled process, a process event, Scanned is automatically added. Modify or delete the Scanned process event, as needed.

Record process events

Record process events when an activity becomes pending or is completed. For example, in an online Arrange Travel process, the Deduct Payment activity waits for event status on the main process map. The Deduct Payment activity cannot become pending until both the Flight Confirmation and Hotel Confirmation events are completed.

Note TotalAgility provides APIs to record external events, such as a file being added to a document management system.

  1. Select the activity with which to associate a process event. For example, associate the Hotel Confirmation event with the Book Hotel activity.
  2. In the Activity properties panel, click the Advanced tab.
  3. On the Fire event list, select the process event that should start when the activity becomes available
  4. Similarly, select the process event that should start when the activity completes.