Create a document variant

  1. Navigate to Capture > Document / Activity variants.

    The Document / Activity variants page appears.

  2. Click New > New document variant. Alternatively, expand the extraction group and on the context menu of the document type for which to create a variant, click New document variant.

    The New document variant dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a Name for the document variant.
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the document variant.
  5. On the Document type list, expand the extraction group and select the required document type for which to create a variant.

    If you have already selected the document type on which to create a variant, that document type is automatically displayed on the Document type list.

    The document fields available within the selected document type are displayed under Ignored fields.
  6. For Active from, specify the date from which the document variant should be active. If you do not specify anything, the document variant is always active.
    • If a document contains a variant, which is active, the document is validated based on the variant configuration, ignoring the appropriate fields.
    • If a document contains a variant, which is not active, the document will not be stamped with the variant and will be validated without the variant configuration.
  7. Select Include in children to include the variant within the child document types. (Default: Clear)
    Note If a document variant with the same name exists, the variant is not overwritten but a message appears which lists all the document types wherein this variant has not been applied to.
  8. In the Ignored fields table, select the Ignore check box for the fields to ignore.

    To ignore all fields, select the Ignore check box in the table header.

  9. To keep the document variant locked, select Keep locked.
  10. Click Save.
    • When you export a document type as part of a process or package, the variant is retained.
    • When you upgrade TotalAgility, the variant is available for the existing document types.
    • When you remove any fields from a document type, these fields are removed automatically from the variant configuration.
    • When you modify a document type by adding fields, these fields are added to the variants of the document type and process but are unmarked as ignored or hidden.

    To use a variant in a capture form, see Properties of a Capture Composite control.