Configure the general properties of a document type.


Name for the document type, such as Invoices.


The ID of the document type.

Name template

Helps you to dynamically create a display name for a document type. You can define a name template using properties and fields, or a combination of properties and fields in addition to static text. At runtime, TotalAgility replaces the document name with the name of the document type and replaces the fields with the field values.

To create a name template, perform the following steps:

  1. Optional. On the Fields list for Name template, select a field. A placeholder for the selected field appears in the Name template field. The list of fields is empty unless fields are defined for the current document type or the root document type.

    Note A name template does not support variables of type Table, Choice, or Boolean.

  2. On the Properties list for Name template, select DocumentType. A placeholder for the document type name appears in the Name template field. A document type supports inherited fields and displays all fields including inherited fields.


Optional. Description for the document type, such as "This document type contains invoice related documents."

Available for manual classification

Makes the document type available for manual classification. (Default: Selected)

When an extraction group is associated with a classification group, only the document types available for manual classification are included in the list where you can manually classify the documents. Otherwise, the document type is excluded from the list and cannot be assigned as the classification result.

Table field export delimiter

A Delimiter to separate table fields into a single index field so that exported data is compatible with the back-end system. (Default: Semicolon ;)

  • Supports a maximum of two printable, standard ASCII characters.

  • Does not support the following characters: space, tab, new line, carriage returns and escape.

  • When exporting a three-value field using the text export connector and delimiter ;, the three-value field appears as a;b;c.

Override template image

If enabled, allows you to select a template image that overrides the image associated with the parent document type. (Default: Clear)

Note This option is only available for a child document type.

Template image

An image to associate with the document type. At runtime, you can select this image while performing an overlay. See Page renditions.

Note By default, the Template image field for a child document type displays the image associated with the parent document type. However, you can overwrite the image.