You can import various artefacts between different TotalAgility installations.

For example, you may need to import process maps from a development server onto a production server.

The type of items imported depends on the file you select.

TotalAgility only supports ZIP and XPDL files.


The XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) is a format standardized by the Workflow Management Coalition that allows for the interchange of business processes between different workflow products.

You can import process maps in XPDL versions 2.0 or 2.1 format, where the XPDL document conforms to the SIMPLE conformance class. The SIMPLE conformance class meets the requirements for portability of models containing a simple set of BPMN elements. When you import an XPDL file (.xpdl extension), the file is converted to an equivalent node in TotalAgility and a process map is created. Any resources defined in the XPDL file are created in TotalAgility and the non-supported nodes are imported as synchronous nodes. See Map between XPDL Notation and TotalAgility for more information.

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