Create a global variable

Create a global variable to use across forms.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Global variables.
  2. Click New.
  3. Configure the properties.


    A name for global variable, such as DSN.


    A category for the new variable.


    Type a description, such as "This variable is used to interact with the TotalAgility database."


    A value for the variable, such as TotalAgility.

    This value is used as the default value and can be changed at runtime.


    If selected, secures the variable.

    Additional information about a secure global variable:

    • When used in a form action, its value appears encrypted at runtime; in subsequent form actions, the decrypted value is used in the server.
    • It can only be updated through server side actions. If you try to update it through client side actions, such as Same page, the value gets corrupted.
    • In advanced form controls, such as Work queue, Job list, and Web capture, it can only be used in the Session ID property.
    • It cannot be used in a custom form.
    • It cannot be assigned as document variant to the control.


    If selected, allows the variable to be included in the .resx file used for translation.

  4. Click Save.