Email activity

Use an Email activity to permit the process to send an email.

It can build up the recipients from using resources within TotalAgility or variable text. You can configure subject, attachments and the rest, and dynamically create the body of the email.

By default, a server variable, SPP_SMTP_SERVER with a value of “localhost,” is available in TotalAgility. Change this value, depending on the SMTP server you are using. The value of this server variable can be an SMTP server name or IP address.

Note Once you change the value of the SPP_SMTP_SERVER, restart the TotalAgility Core Worker services for the changes to take effect.

You can also specify the port number on which communications with the SMTP server must take place. By default, the port number used by the email node is 30, which you may change as needed. For example, if your port number to send emails is 60, change the server variable to localhost:60.

To send emails to external email addresses, you must have relay permission on SMTP server. Otherwise, you can only send emails to email addresses listed on the SMTP server.

Note By default, the relay permission is not enabled for security reasons. Sometimes the SMTP server, SMTP service or Exchange server are also referred to as Relay servers, as they can relay the mail messages to another mail server.

To send an email, you must configure the email settings for the system.

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