Configure the properties of an activity to record once it becomes available.

Fire event

A process event to record once the activity becomes pending.

Set milestone

A milestone to record as achieved once the activity becomes pending.

Calculate or record an achieved milestone date either upon one activity being completed or another activity starting. For example, in a software project, a set of activities must be completed or become pending before you can achieve the Code Complete milestone. Recording milestones depends on the configuration of process activities at design time.

Note All nodes can have completed milestones except the decision and end nodes, which can only have pending milestones.

Evaluate score

If selected, calculates the score once the activity becomes pending.


A state to record once the activity becomes pending. See Associate states.

State origins

A state to record based on the path that was taken to get to this activity. If no origin-specific state is defined, the default state is used when the activity becomes pending.

You can select a different or the same state as another origin, or the default state. See Associate states.