Compose mode

  1. In the properties panel of the KCM control, click the Configuration tab.
  2. For Mode of operation, select Compose (default).
  3. Under Initialization, configure the following properties:
    1. KCM instance: The KCM instance to use.
      All projects available within the selected KCM instance appear on the KCM project list.
    2. KCM project: A KCM project to use.

      Based on the selected KCM project, the Documents template list is populated.

    3. Store pack: Holds the pack (zip file) from KCM in TotalAgility.
    4. Tracking ID (optional): A global variable, form variable or a form field, or an inline value such as JobID or Case Ref, to track the activity in the KCM logs on the KCM server if an error occurs.
      Note You can only use alphanumeric characters for Tracking ID.
    5. Type: A template type. Available options are:

      • Document pack template: Includes one or more templates from a pack in the project. When you select a pack, all the documents within the pack become available. You can select and generate multiple document templates.
      • Document template: A document template.

      • Letterbook: A collection of document templates. Letterbook is only supported for KCM Interactive mode. At design time, you can assign a letterbook to the KCM form control. At runtime, you can select only one document template from the letterbook.

    6. Output type: The document output type.

      TotalAgility supports the following formats: Word, PDF, Secure PDF, PDF-A and Secure PDF-A.

      Note To review documents, you must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, along with an add-on for your browser.

  4. Configure the control to perform Distribution.
    1. Under Distribution, configure the control to perform distribution.
      Note Distribution is not supported for a cloud deployment of KCM, and an error appears if an unsuitable KCM instance is selected.

      All documents in the pack are sent to KCM server and KCM server performs the distribution.

    2. On the Distribute mechanism list, select a mechanism to distribute documents.
      • Archive: The KCM server sends the documents to archive storage configured within the KCM server.

      • Email: The KCM server distributes the documents through email.

      • Portal: The KCM server posts the documents to a Web portal so that recipients can view online.

        Note An email with a URL to access the documents, is sent to the user who must logon to a secure portal to view the documents.

      • Print: The KCM server sends the documents to a printer so that they can be printed.

      Note TotalAgility does not support SignDoc for the KCM control.

    KCM uses scripts to perform the distribution. The scripts are custom written and are shared across projects. The only way to pass data into the script is through the concept of metadata. This is a set of key/value pairs.

  5. To configure the metadata, do the following:
    1. Click .
    2. Enter a Key name (free text).
    3. In the Value field, select a variable (global or form) or form control, or click and enter an inline value.
    4. Click Add. The key-value pair appears in the table.
  6. Save or release the form.