Add a resource extension

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Logon and authentication > Resource extensions.
    The Resource extensions dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click .

    By default, Extension1 appears in the Name field.

  3. Enter a different Name for the field, such as National Insurance Number.
    Note Resource extensions support names with multiple words and spaces.
  4. Select a Data type type for the field, such as String. (Default: Boolean)
    Note Extension fields only support String, Numeric, Boolean and Date data types.
  5. Enter or select a Value for the extension.
  6. Click Add. The extension field is added to all resources.

    You can modify or delete an extension.

  7. Similarly, define other extensions.
    Note You can add any number of resource extensions.
  8. To remove an extension, select an extension and click .

    On confirmation, the extension is removed from all resources.

  9. To delete all the defined resource extensions and associated information from the system, click Remove all defined extensions. This helps in clearing down the values stored against resources and fields, and also allows importing different extensions.

    On confirmation, all resource extension fields and any information stored against each resource in the system are deleted.

  10. Click Save.